The Chomp


The Chomp is a weekly breakdown and analysis of the best strategic thinking content and top emerging business trends from the internet and beyond. You can expect to find a mix of sub-topics including tech, investing, philosophy, and culture. Every issue includes a ‘quick bite’ and ‘deeper dive’ article along with my thoughts and key takeaways. You’ll also see my favorite tweet and song of the week along with the books I’m currently reading.


about ME

For many people, learning ends on their last day of school. When they venture out into their career, learning takes a backseat to the everyday demands of life. I'm fundamentally opposed to this idea and view learning as the most vital component of my life. I've used my love for learning to navigate my early career and to set the direction for my future.


Currently, I'm an Investor at Bloomberg Beta focused on investing in early-stage companies defining the future of work. Before entering the early-stage VC world, I spent nearly three years at D. E. Shaw expanding the scope of primary research and alternative data strategy within the Fundamental Equities group. Before that, I spent three years leading and managing a high growth team at AlphaSights delivering a high-impact research product to strategy consultants. I completed my education at Penn State University, where I received my B.S. in Finance and International Business. 


A few things that interest me: travel, reading, startups, investing, fitness, yoga, sneakers, electronic music, coffee, craft beer, surfing, football, basketball, and stoicism. I'll likely cover most of these topics on this blog.

If you want to get in touch, Twitter and email are the best way to reach me.