• Cody McCauley

Joining Bloomberg Beta!

Last week, I joined the incredible team at Bloomberg Beta to work alongside a world-class group of investors with unique and diverse backgrounds. I’ll be working closely with Karin Klein in New York to invest in the future of work, along with Roy Bahat, James Cham, Minn Kim, Harley Sugarman, Lisa Wehden, Angela Martin, and Maria Sharp.

Over the past eight years, Bloomberg Beta has deployed capital across three funds and built a robust portfolio of companies focused on improving the future of work. At Bloomberg Beta, we're driven by a North Star of founder NPS with a focus on investing in early-stage founders and startups building technologies that are transforming the way we work.

As I’ve become better acquainted with the team over the past couple of months, I’ve felt increasingly inspired by the enormity of their ambitions and efforts. At Bloomberg Beta, there is a profound belief that technology will continue to change the way business works. While technology has come to guide our personal lives over the past 20 years, it has been slower to arrive at work. This differs from the historical norm, where technology has typically arrived at work before coming home.

At Bloomberg Beta, we strongly believe that technology at work will catch up and become the soil in which many of the most exciting new technologies will find their most interesting applications. We also believe, undoubtedly, that founders with diverse backgrounds will lead the companies delivering these technologies. In sharing this belief, I couldn’t be more excited to be part of a team that’s making a concerted effort to back founders from underrepresented backgrounds.

To date, 2020 has been one of the most unusual and challenging years in recent history. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, various facets of our lives have fundamentally changed—in ways both good and bad. For many of us, work has been one of the most profound changes. Due to COVID, remote work was accelerated forward at a pace not imaginable by its foremost enthusiasts.

While the future remains uncertain, I firmly believe that we’re headed towards a world where working in an office five days a week is no longer the norm. As of now, knowledge workers have been the main beneficiaries of remote and distributed work. Many folks working in other verticals simply aren’t able to do their job from home yet. While this will always be true for certain jobs, I envision a future where distributed work becomes commonplace for the vast majority of workers. To enable this, we’ll need better solutions and continued advancements in technology.

In joining Bloomberg Beta, it’s now my job to help propel the advancement of these technologies. Despite the many challenges and roadblocks that lay ahead, I’m more excited now than ever for the opportunity to start on this journey.

*While my scope at Bloomberg Beta will be broad, I’m eager to explore the following areas. I’d love to hear from anyone working in these spaces.

  • Low/no-code

  • Platforms and tools enabling solopreneurs and creators

  • Tools for distributed and remote work

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